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10 Ways To Get Your Home Fall Ready

Studio McGee

It's that time of year again cooler temps, changing leaves, boots, scarves, and sweater weather! With fall slowly blowing in it's time to transition our homes not only with décor, but maintenance.

Everyone decorates for fall at different times some people are September 1st on the dot no matter what others wait till October. Personally I tend to wait until the weather shifts and here in the Midwest that varies and this year we had an extremely warm September so it was odd for me to have fall vibes in the house when it was almost 90 degrees outside. Whatever your preference may be here are my 5 ways you can add fall into your home.

Emily Henderson

1. Deep Natural Hues

Incorporate deep, natural hues into your décor. Think rich chocolate browns, rust tones, shades of terracotta, moody greens and blues, deep tones of charcoal and of course black. This can be as easy as switching out pillows and adding a throw to sofas and accent chairs, and swapping those summer florals for branches, berries, and gourds. Want to be a little extra this year...go all in and change out area rugs and art for a complete refresh.


2. Go Matte

If you haven't noticed, matte finish metals have been having quite a moment these past few years. Consider adding matte metals to your décor pieces like picture frames, vases, and candlesticks to bring those moody vibes to your space.

Studio McGee

3. Layer the Textures

Add textured elements into your space to create that cozy vibe. Think heavy linens, faux furs, velvet, chunky knit and natural jute. If all else fails picking fabrics in a chic plaid is another surefire way to integrate fall into your home.

Designer Tip: having a hard time coordinating your color palette find a plaid that you love and pull colors from that. By going up or down in tone you will naturally create depth in your space.

Studio McGee

4. Switch Out Your Linens

Everyone tends to cozy up their living spaces, but don't forget to upgrade your bedding.

By switching out your bedding to a thicker duvet and adding extra linens to guest beds you'll ensure everyone is nice and warm during the cooler months. If you really want to bring fall into the bedrooms layer in some chunky knit blankets and throw pillows onto the beds to make everything feel cozy and serene.

5. Be Inspired by Nature

The easiest way to decorate for fall and have it last all season is to integrate natural fall foliage with gourds, pumpkins, mums, and ornamental kale. Add a natural stone platter to center your coffee table, and bring in leather or wooden pieces for a more natural and homey aesthetic. Finish things off with some classic fall scented candles. If you decorate for Halloween as the holiday gets closer add in those ghoulish details to your existing décor. When it is over and you've take the decorations away you are still left with a nice fall base just in time for Thanksgiving.

Photo by: Sarah Busby Styling by: H Camille Smith

Now that we've got the interior done lets cover a quick maintenance punch list that should be completed to the outside of your home to keep it in tip top shape for the season.

1. Feed Your Lawn

If you are doing this yourself make sure you get fertilizer formulated for fall as you want it to trigger the growth of your grass' blades and roots so it will be healthy before the cold winter temps set in. This not only protects it over winter, but it will help it green up faster come springtime.

2. Service Your HVAC

Your AC has been working hard for you all summer now it's time to give it a well deserved break. Before you shut everything down in preparation for colder weather consider having it checked over by a professional. There are also a few things you can do yourself. Change your air filter (you should be doing thing every 3 months anyway), make sure all of your indoor vents are uncovered, then moved outside to cover the outdoor unit to keep debris and ice from damaging your system.

3. Clean The Fireplace and Chimney

Nothing puts a damper on cuddling by the fire than a blocked chimney filling your home with soot, smoke, and carbon monoxide. Even gas fireplaces need an inspection before the first use of the season. Because of the hazards involved this job is best left to pros, but you can eliminate extra build up and possible issues by cleaning out your fireplace regularly.

4. Trim Trees and Shrubs

Now is the time to trim any tree limbs that are dangerously close to power lines or the roof of your house as heavy snow and ice can cause damage in the winter. By pruning your trees and shrubs after the leaves turn it will encourage healthy growth come spring time.

5. Get rid of weeds and Prune perennials

Tending to your garden might seem like a fitting job to tackle come spring, but in reality everything you need to do to prepare your landscape for spring is best done in October and November. Experts say that one of the best ways to control weeds and keep them from returning in the spring is to clear all existing weeds in the fall. Post weeding, spread a generous layer of organic compost or mulch over your beds and sprinkle with a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent new weeds from growing. Finally lightly water your beds to help them settle and for the herbicide to be absorbed into the soil.

Most perennials benefit from a fall cutback, many perennials will have completed their seasonal bloom and are looking a bit tired, so cutting them back to the ground gets rid of any tattered foliage. It’s also important to remove any leaves that might be harboring pests or diseases at the end of the season. The exception for pruning would be for any perennials that look attractive in winter-think evergreen or semi-evergreen foliage those you should wait to cut back until spring.

Designer Tip: What is the worst yard chore in fall...raking leaves! However, you can put them to work for you. Use a mower mulch them up and put them into your flower beds, along with compost and wood chips. This will put nutrients into the soil for spring, help with weed suppression, and keep roots and perennials insulated from cold winter weather.

Nest of Posies

Hope you enjoyed our tips for fall. We would love to see how you style your homes for the season. Share them in the comments below!

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