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Basics of Shelf Styling

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Organization is the typical theme for January and a great way to start is with your built ins. Here are our 3 simple tips for shelf styling.

1. Rule of 3

Grouping items together in an odd number starting with a minimum of 3 is visually pleasing to the eye. Alternate from centering items on the shelf to shifting more to a left or right based alignment to add extra visual interest.

2. Layers and textures

Varying the height of the items adds interest while using various types of decor items like glass, ceramic, wood, or metal gives depth. Don't forget to add some greenery (even if its fake) to soften this out and add that natural element.

3. Neutral with a pop

Use a baseline of neutral colors and sprinkle in a few pops of color to help everything feel cohesive. Don't know where you get your color from? Look for inspiration in your rugs, artwork, or pillows.

Need more help getting organized or styling your home? Contact us today for a design consult.

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