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Why Should I Stage My Home?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Why stage a home?

This is the question that never goes away-especially in a hot market when sellers think that staging is not necessary. Do you want to know what staging does for your property?

  1. Staging sets your property apart from others on market. It highlights key features and detracts from any less favorable characteristics.

  2. Staging gives purpose to the spaces in your home. A space without purpose lacks connection making it harder for buyers to see the potential of a room.

  3. Staged homes photograph better. Furniture and décor provide spatial perspective allowing buyers to better understand the size of a room. In today's age 97% of people start their home search online which means your listing photos can determine if they want to put your home on their "must see" list.

  4. The proof is in the numbers. Did you know that in a study done by the National Association of Realtors 97% of buyer's agents said that staging affects the buyer's view of the home? 90% of homes that are staged prior to going on market sell in 90% less time. 58% of seller's agents said staging increases the dollar amount of the home. And finally, the average return on investment with home staging is 5%.

photo credit Staging 2 Sell It

But why should I hire a Home Stager?

Whether the house is occupied or vacant, new or old, a professional stager is the first step in maximizing the sellability of your property while putting it in its strongest position possible so it will be on every buyer's list.

1. A professional home stager will help you increase the perceived value of your home.

2. Having your home professionally staged (either occupied or vacant) helps to justify the listing price.

3. They are an impartial 3rd party who can provide recommendations for areas that require repair, updating, or organizing.

4. They are not emotionally attached to your home so they will look at it as potential buyers would, helping you to eliminate any "red flags" they might see while touring your home.

5. They have training and experience to best showcase your home by highlighting the best features, showing how to use an odd space, and giving purpose to each room.

6. They are on your side to help you eliminate stress and get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.

photo credit Staging 2 Sell It

S0...what would you rather do? Have an instant buzz when your property hits the market with high quality photos of a stunningly staged space and a return on your investment when it sells-OR-waste time on market with dark photos, empty or cluttered rooms, and hopefully some showings before taking the price reduction 2 weeks to a month later that is more than what the investment into staging would have cost you? If you ask me it's kind of a no brainer.

Want to see what home staging could do for your property? Contact us for a consultation.

-Warren Buffet

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