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Up Your Fall Decor Game

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Courtesy of Dear Lillie

You guys, my favorite season is upon us!

Now, I know that fall is still not officially here but it seems like it never lasts long enough, so I like to get a jump on it. With the morning and evenings having that perfect chill in the air I've put together some great ways to up your fall game this year to make your home look and feel as cozy as ever.

Pile On The Layers

Courtesy of The Design Twins

Bring on a layer of coziness to your home by piling on the pillows and throws. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add that lush fall feel to your home without breaking the bank. Play up textures like wool, cotton, leather, chenille, velvet, and cashmere with prints like buffalo plaid, polka dots, chevron and stripes.

Designer's Tip:

To save on money and storage space look for pillow covers to switch out all of your seasonal pillows or if you are crafty make your own.Tired of that same ole throw on your chair or sofa? Switch it out for a sheepskin rug. Husband is veto-ing your love of covering the sofa in pillows? You don't like blankets on your furniture but love to cuddle up with one while you Netflix & Chill? Make them do double duty by storing your pillows and blankets out in the open in a great wicker or woven basket. Not only are they organized and out of the way, they also are now a layer of decor.

Courtesy of Liz Marie Blog

Add Pops of Color

Bring in those fall pops of color with accessories and decor. Remember to think outside of just pillows and throws. Switch out a rug, artwork, and/or decor. Don't know where to start with colors here are a couple great color schemes to try:

Classic Fall Colors

Courtesy of DigsDigs

This is pretty typical of what you will see everywhere. These jewel colors consist of deep reds, emerald greens, navys, rich purples, rusty oranges, and saffron yellows. This is a popular color choice because they are reflected in nature hence why they are tried and true. 

Modern Fall Colors

Courtesy of West Elm

Jewel tones aren't your thing or you just want to mix things up this year try a color palette of soft grays, blues, teals, rosy pinks, mint, and whites. Do a combination of muted and bright colors to add some extra wow. Switch out your typical fall decor for wheat, cotton, birch logs, pears, and artichokes.


If you feel the need to be extra add in some metal accents. Depending on what color scheme you are going with there is a metallic color to ramp things up to the next level. Your warmer metals like gold, brass, bronze, and copper are going to pair better with the Classic Fall Colors while rose gold, chrome, silver, and brushed nickel will pair better with the Modern Fall Colors.

Designer's Tip: Regardless what color scheme you're decorating with this year stick to no more than 3 different colors (don't worry your neutrals don't count as a color) and use the rule of 3 for tones. We designers like the number 3 and we use it in so many different ways when designing rooms (don't worry I have a future post on the rules of 3 stay tuned for that). The rule of 3 for tones is basically a balance of using light, medium, and dark tones. Example: You have a mocha leather sofa and you want to pop some color on it using pillows. One pillow tone should be lighter and the other should be darker than your sofa. This creates balance and allows all the colors to stand out rather than muddied together.

Go Beyond The Stoop

If you bring your fall decorations outside remember that curb appeal doesn't start and end at the stoop. Take your decorations down the stairs and along the walkway. No stoop no problem. Create a vignette in the front yard under a tree or add an outdoor bench or bistro set to make a cozy setting. In any case remember to keep the same color scheme on the outside that you have on the inside so everything feels very connected and flows. 

Designer's Tip: Vary heights of any outdoor decor/plants/grasses to create depth and interest. Group objects in odd numbers for an asymmetric design and in even numbers for a symmetric design.Remember to keep a wide enough area for people to walk. This will keep your decor from getting bumped and help your guests feel less claustrophobic when walking to your front door.

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you don’t forget to share your own ideas and pics of all of your fall creations in the comments below!

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