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7 Quick Tips To Organize Your Home

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

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Well it's here...another year another fresh start. For many of us that means it is time to get things in order. Time to declutter and reorganize so that the new year can start off stress free and uncluttered. Also like most of us we make that resolution and then never follow through because you Whether you are wanting to tackle one space or your whole home these seven quick tips will get you off on the right foot to your new organized year that could happen any time of the year.

Before you start organizing you really should do a purge. This can be as in-depth as you like. There is a whole process to that (let us know if you'd like post on the decluttering process) but since this is more about the organizing part the short version to purging is to pull everything out of one space/room at a time. Take a look at what is there and make piles of keep, toss, and donate. When placing items into these piles ask yourself questions like, Is it damaged? Do I use/wear this? How often do I use/wear this?

Where do I plan on storing this if I keep it? When you've got your keep pile sorted and you're ready to put it all back here are our tried and true tips to getting and keeping it organized.

1. Choose the Right Container

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Courtesy of The Container Store

There are so many options for containers now-baskets, caddies, boxes, bins, canisters the list goes on and on. They come in various materials and colors making them so versatile for any style or space. The key here is to get the correct container for the job. If you are organizing something where you want to be able to see what is in the container without having to pull it out opting for something clear will work best for you. If you want to be able to stack containers go for something with a lid. If you just need something that the kids can throw all of their toys in so it is out of the way go for something that has some structure like a fabric or wood bin.

Designer Tip: Vary the type of storage in an area to make it visually pleasing. We like to use three different combinations in a variety of materials and sizes to fit all of your organizing needs and give it that extra lux polish that will impress even the most critical guest.

2. Don't Overstuff Shelving

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Courtesy of Desert Domicile

Shelving is great for organizing, but when every inch is crammed full of stuff it creates visual clutter which counteracts everything you are trying to create. Negative space is a huge part of styling shelves. It lets the items have their own moment because your eye is able to focus on what is being presented and not darting all over the place.

Designer Tip: Alternate vertical and horizontal elements and layer items in front of one another to create more visual interest. Mirror or alternate how each shelf is styled for a more uniform or curated look.

3. Accessibility

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Courtesy of The Home Edit

When you are organizing your spaces you need to be aware of who and how the items will be used. You want every day items at eye or just below eye level remembering kids have a lower level of sight, clothes should be at arm length, and seasonal or less frequently used items should be placed more towards the ceiling. If 2020 gave us anything it was the global emergence of Clea + Joanna and The Home Edit

I literally binged their Netflix special in a day and I have happily rewatched many an episode as they just have this way of organizing and systems that speak to my 'everything in its place and a place for everything' way of thinking. If you haven't watched it do it and if you really want to start this whole organizing thing off right binge Tidying Up with Marie Kondo followed by Get Organized with The Home Edit you will not regret it.

4. Cure the Drawer Clutter

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Courtesy of IKEA

Drawer organizers are nothing new they have been around for years. If you are looking to rid yourself of the junk drawer or finally be able to open your kitchen cooking utensil drawer and pull out a spatula with out having to dig around to find it a drawer organizer is going to change your life. If you are not getting an all in one unit (think the silverware organizer) that fits into a drawer make sure you are getting a combination of widths and lengths of organizers to fit all of your items. You can even use a variety of trays, bowls, dividers or containers to customize storage to work for you.

Designer Tip: Before you buy your items make sure you measure the length, width and depth of the drawer you are shopping for. This way when you get to the store you know exactly what combination of pieces will fit without having to go back and forth to get what you need.

5. Rotate Storage

closet organization, seasonal storage, rotating storage, rotate seasonal storage items
Courtesy of The Container Store

Many of us, myself included, are tight on storage space in our homes. A great way to make sure you have plenty of space for all of your items is to rotate items seasonally. By storing the items that are not currently needed in your closet or drawers in containers on upper shelves or in under the bed solutions you will always feel like you have plenty of space for all of your times.

6. Look Up

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Courtesy of Salt and Blue

Short on storage space? Look up. There can be a ton of storage space right above your head that you are not taking advantage of in several rooms or even closets. By adding additional shelving or cabinets to areas above eye level you can maximize even the smallest of spaces.

7. Multi-Purpose Furniture

To squeeze every ounce of storage space available out of your home you can opt for using multi-purpose furniture items. Take the entry table above it has vertical space on top and a mix of open and cabinet storage below giving you multiple ways to organize and decorate your space. Other popular multi-purpose furniture include accent and side tables, coffee tables, ottomans, benches, and platform bedframes. There are even sectional sofas that have storage in the chaise, headrests and have a pullout feature that turns it into a bed check it out IKEA's version here

Organizing Must Haves

Below I have created a round up of my favorite storage solutions from The Container Store, no this is not an endorsement, I just wanted to give you all a one stop shop for all of your organizing needs.

I have several of these items in my own home and love love them. I personally have found less expensive dups for some of these products at The Dollar Store and Walmart but remember they will not be like for like. Most of the time the dups don't have some of the features or are made with a lower quality material so do your research and figure out the use and wear and tear on the item before committing to the product. Sometimes it matters to save a buck or two and sometimes it doesn't...happy organizing!

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Want to put some of these tips into action but don't know where to start or don't have the time? Reach out! We are always happy to talk to you about projects and give you quotes.

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